Getting startedΒΆ

To install the tool, you should follow these instructions:

  • First, install the python package:
  • $ pip install snowballing
  • Then, download and install the latest geckodriver
  • In my case, I put the ‘geckodriver.exe’ file in the Firefox directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox)
  • And I add the directory to the PATH environment variable
  • If you want to export the snowballing history (provenance), you must also install the following tools
  • provtoolbox
  • GraphViz

For starting a new literature review project, please run:

$ snowballing start literature

This command will create a directory called literature (you are free to use other name in the command) with the notebooks for performing the snowballing and analyzing it, and an example database.

Inside the directory, start Jupyter:

$ cd literature
$ jupyter notebook

And open the file Index.ipynb. This file contains all the instructions for understanding the database and performing the snowballing.